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What's Up With Ning?

I heard about this from Dan by message at The Sphere, so I started looking into it and found a few blogs and mentions but nothing "official" from Ning. Yet. The story is that Ning will be phasing out the free networks to focus on premium, paid communities. I assume they would then remove their rather prominent advertising from the sidebars- but still. Paying for Ning? I'm not sure. Some of us have some pretty cool communities with friends and collaborators and Ning makes it easy to work on things and stay connected. On the other hand, I suppose there are some people who pop in and self promote then disappear which is their right of course. I guess it comes down to two things- if the price is worth it and who foots the bill. I created the Ning for Outsiders but that was a logistic thing, it isn't "my" site. But as a network creator, would it fall on me to pay? Would I want that responsibility?  I might consider paying for The Sphere since we do writing prompts and things and it is a tighter knit group... but I imagine if this goes down the way I have heard that many people will transition off. I mean, it might make more sense for people to get web hosting and host their own forums with their own domain and control. It might not have some of the conveniences but at least it would not be subject to the whims of these companies. I guess we'll see what the official word is, when, how much, and then go from there.

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