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Graffiti Kolkata Broadsides

Have you seen these? I love these. They are around the size of two sheets of paper side by side, 17". The Graffiti Kolkata Broadsides are produced by Subhankar Das and feature poetry by different writers arranged on the broadside page. I'm pretty excited because Subhankar is going to let me guest edit and lay out one of these babies this summer. I'll let you know when that is available.

Strange, cosmic really. Last week I put my feet into the cold Atlantic, imagining the opposite, that it stole the warmth from my body, that it cooled the blood in my feet, the feet sending it back to circulate around, sending cold up to my heart.  I imagined the cold climbing and spreading and then I inched in a little bit more.


Trisha Castillo said...

These look very cool. I'll have to check them out this weekend when I have some free time. Looking forward to also reading your guest-edited issue.

Nobius said...

God, you sleep less than me. :)

Poet Plant Press said...

I have three poems in mind for this. Words that I think are related to body art, tattoos and scars. I will round them up if you are interested. With Respect, Chris Bodor