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Time For A Vispo

Going to try the Weekly Vispo Challenge, info here, starting with 6/28. Happy to see John Moore Williams as a participant (See Sin Tax) as I came to explore some of his work through a series of related events starting with reviewing [+!] at Crow Reviews for Calliope Nerve and culminating in the discovery of some other works, good works, interesting works.
 I'm still working on a series of five asemic paintings that require prolonged periods of neglect as there are glazed layers with embedded wire and the glaze takes a long time to set.
 I added some metal flecks and scrapings to the glaze on the last layer and wish I had thought to do that to the one I worked on before. If I add it now, it won't have the depth that makes the technique so interesting to me.

I will be posting more projects, calls, general things over at ARTERIALIZE and hope to get the word out soon about the mail art calls.

Working on a response to a mail art call related to city experiences, the urban scape, architecture, etc. I decided somewhat randomly to focus on Scranton, PA after visiting a friend there this week. It isn't a "city city" but I think from a population point of view it qualifies. These days Scranton seems most closely related to the t.v. show "The Office", but it has a pretty interesting and diverse history.


Nobius said...

Wonderful art.

Calliope Nerve? What's that? :P

Lynn Alexander said...

Ha. Never heard of it.