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Fashion For Collapse

Recall: Hurricane Katrina. Devastation. Politicians worried about their outfits for television press conferences. I'm told that people talk about Sarah Palin's clothing as much as her ideas, her rimless eyewear. Does she have ideas? Who cares. Nobody wants an idea unless it can be franchised.
New content up at Fashion For Collapse. Poetry, Fiction, Photo Essay by Kristin Fouquet about a memorial walk. Grieving squatters who died in a fire.
I shared with Kristin that I have an admiration for squatters. I spent some time with a group in Germany and they not only took me in but told me about their lack of attachment to geography. Their ideas stayed with me for a long time. In the weeks of wandering that followed, I thought about ownership, possessions, how easily could I leave my life? At that time, pretty easily.
But then again, at that time, I had nothing to go back to. For a few weeks at least, I lived without the worry and weight of the future. It is an indescribable feeling that I would never have again.

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