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January, 2011

It's official, I'm a FezHead. As a long time admirer of Red Fez, I am pretty stoked to be one of the fiction editors now. I know, I have enough to do and this sounds like addiction or smacks of having no life whatsoever. But I swear, I can do it. Besides, I have no life whatsoever.
I lie. I'm going to Charlotte, N.C. this week where I will meet my indispensable MiCrow/On The Wing editor Michael Solender. I'm pretty excited.
I've been spreading the word about a few things- too many things- but just some quick mentions: I'm collecting audio for the Brautigan Tribute, details here. 
Details at the Crow blog for the Blink Ink Postcard fiction project, and the upcoming OWC Poetry Chap Swap. 

Jeff Callico was nice to include two of my stories this weekend in Negative Suck, Loitering At The Store and Poker At The Slovak Club.
I also have a strange little "minor implosion" there:
"Me And Sweet Disease".

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"Passion can be like that."

You said a world in that whirl where poker is played after the halupki and piroghies ... Yeah Lynn, you pulled me in on the peruse the way a good title attracts a good Slovak girl ... and I'm real glad for the glimpse of you writing as well as you do your creating.

~ Absolutely*Kate