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Live Feed, From February 2-6 2011

This is the live feed of SNOETRY 2011, which will stream everything live on the web for the duration. If you go to the streaming page, you can chat with other viewers and people in Elyria.
I will be reading at 10:30 pm, eastern time,on Saturday night. Check in, say hello, many laptops will be around. Thank you to John Burroughs for setting this up!

Live Videos by Ustream


MkCrittenden said...

cool. Is this streaming live? Or is it youtube? Hoping to get a story submission, Lynn.

MkCrittenden said...

Okay just went back to it and i see that it's live. I'll be viewing your reading. :)

Lynn Alexander said...

It is live, streaming video of the attempt to break the record for the longest reading. I actually went to sleep trying to watch last night. Here's hoping that I have more stamina this weekend!

MkCrittenden said...

Watching you live, Lynn...all the way from Pittsburgh. I want a Snoetry T-shirt! Feel like I was there. LOL, fun stuff.

Jesus Crisis said...

Thank you, Lynn! It was fantastic to meet you, hear you read - both your work and the work of others. Thanks for turning me on to some great poets whose work I didn't know so well.