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They Are Done! 150 Hours of Poetry!

If you are on facebook, you can check out the pictures from SNOETRY 2011 here. 
Snoetry, 150 hours of poetry, is winding down in Elyria, Ohio. I added a bunch of pictures to my facebook page, and more will come as everyone heads home and catches up on sleep. Among the scattered reads (by me) of famous poets like Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti were poems by Paul Corman-Roberts, Michael Solender, John Swain, Jim Wittenberg, Joe Hollander, Richard Godwin, Peter Schwartz, Doug Mathewson, and more. To the left, I am hanging out with John Burroughs, one of the organizers. He is a bit of a wonder to me, organizing events all over the Lorain County, Ohio, area. It would take me forever to write about all of the people I got to meet and hear, but they know who they are. Next on the agenda- Buffalo Small Press Fair in March where we will have an FOC table.


Poetry of the Day said...

150 hours omg

~ <3 Famous Poetry about life <3~

Erin Cole said...

A poetic marathon! Excellent.
I even know more'n half of those great names.

Johnny Cashless said...