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March, And Spring Is Flirting

I am preparing for a few things this week: New content at Fashion For Collapse, new poetry at Full Of Crow edited once again by Aleathia Drehmer, and the Buffalo Small Press Fair on March 18 in Buffalo, NY, where we will have a table for Full of Crow Press, Tainted Coffee, Durable Goods, MUST zine, Blink Ink, and more.
Party after. Come.
I know I am terrible about being a "blogger" and even worse about getting to visit the blogs of others, and I keep trying periodically to do better. I don't want to make excuses, I have just been more busy than usual and this move is a big step for me, as are many of the changes in my life. I am visiting people with this panic like I won't ever see anyone again. I'm taking pictures of things, giving away things, I have this strange relationship with things right now and I know this is just a manifestation of my anxiety. But it is a strange fixation. I have never been far from New York City, for example. I've changed houses, but it is always there, if and when I want it. These little things are becoming bigger in my head and so I am having these ridiculous responses. I took a picture of a bookstore, a concert gazebo, street signs, people's pets, buildings, crazy things. Like I am hording images of the east onto little camera disks in case I wake up on the west coast with amnesia...

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