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Project U Radio

Project U Radio is part of The Literary Underground, a community and resource for small press writers, readers, and publishers. There will be a variety of shows, online, but my particular show will air at 11 EST, on Fridays as scheduled. The show page with descriptions and reminder options can be found here. (link) All you really need is a phone because you can opt to call in, or just listen. You know, stand there with your phone in your hand as it streams. There will be archives you can download later, or add to an mp3 player. I think it also syncs with iTunes. I would love to hear your feedback and ideas. And if you have a show, let me know. I will try to support that too, if I can.
I will be hosting with Paul Corman-Roberts, and guests and callers will be asked to speak out on different issues. Like I often say, I don't have the answers. I look for the answers. All are welcome, regardless of your views. Uncensored. Unscripted. Unhinged.
The first show (November 18) will actually focus on the question of "underground"- what it means, doesn't mean, if you identify, if it applies. Sometimes "underground" means hiding like rats, fighting for scraps. Sometimes it means a supportive sub-culture to create your own, to celebrate scraps, rejecting gourmet. Sometimes we find ourselves there by choice, sometimes we are trying to get out. Sometimes underground is the only place that will have us. Labels are a difficult thing. Every time we use them, we argue about defining them. If you have something to say about the label, why not chime in? The show pages always have a call in number, and your number will appear in the call queue. We won't say your number, but we might say the area code so you know that you are live, and it is your turn. You can always get in touch with me before as well, or send comments in and we can incorporate them into the show if you can't call. lynnalx@gmail.com. You can chat me up there as well, or look for the posts on facebook and twitter.
To check out the Literary Underground, go here. Michele McDannold (Red Fez) has created a fantastic resource, including a small press wiki. You might find yourself on there!

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