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This Summer!

I have been terrible about blog updates, but in my defense- I have been busy as hell on other stuff. I just don't seem to get to my own backyard at the end of the day. I've been letting things go. I'm still producing and editing Full Of Crow and Fashion For Collapse, with new fiction and poetry up, among other things. Still doing some zines, projects, and head fiction editor now over at Red Fez. (They know not what they do...) Doing a monthly column over there for a few months now, "Strawberry Bitch" which is of course named after the nose art on a WWII airplane. You can actually go see it in Dayton, Ohio, and word is, the plane is haunted.
The last column, "Criticism's A Bitch"  will fuel an upcoming topic on Project U Radio (May 10, schedule and all show details here) and deals with female representation in small press and what-if anything- can or should be done about the issue. If you think it is an issue. Call in and tell us. (here)

This summer will be busy, events and more keep coming up. I am going to be the featured reader at the lovely Jeanne Lupton's poetry series at the Bread Workshop in Berkeley on July 3. Actually, I will be out in the bay area from July 2-10. July 5 is TOXIC ABATEMENT at Viracocha, SF. Poetry, music, more. Details are posted at the Fashion For Collapse site, here. Also look for it on facebook. In the next few weeks I will finalize the line up of readers. We are excited to have Three Times Bad scheduled. A great evening in store for San Francisco! 
On July 6, Paul Corman-Roberts and I will be performing "Morrigan Wars" in Berkeley. And on July 7, we will be part of the first East Bay Lit Crawl- BEAST CRAWL- a festival of readings in Oakland. (link to site) Michele McDannold and I are curating a reading as well as about 25 others, last count. That means over 25 readings, each with poets... this is going to be huge! We have a podcast of Project U Radio live from the Telegraph in Oakland, and Paul Corman-Roberts, Missy Church, and Hollie Hardy did a wonderful job with translating the vision for the festival. Listen/Download here. 
And speaking of festivals, check out ZyFez II on July 8 in Oakland, CA at The New Parish. Red Fez teamed up with Zygote In My Coffee for a poetry festival featuring guests from all over the US, converging in the bay area- many for the week. Imagine, literally DOZENS of poets and writers and small press publishers and artists all in one place, for you to meet. You will want to get out there if you can! And if you want information about any of these things, please just email me and I will give you details. lynnalx@gmail.com. 
Also look for these events on facebook and if you want some postcards and promo just ask and you shall receive. The best way to help with these events and to support the hard work of these fine performers and organizers is by spreading the word and being there if at all possible. Every day, we are thrilled to find out another among us has decided to make the trip and we warmly welcome all. 

Some of these events will stream live online and I will try to get the details about that soon, as well as links to YouTube. I'll do my best. And keep in mind that ZyFez III will be in Albuquerque, NM on November 3, 2012 at the Blackbird Buvette. 

Last but not least, submissions are open for Full Of Crow Poetry and Fiction, MiCrow (starting in June), and Blink Ink.  You can also check out photos, events, submission calls, projects, and more at the Crow blog here.  Submissions are also open at Red Fez, and that includes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, graphics, comics, and more. 

For those of you that are out there, and you know who you are, I'm sorry I have been busy and I would love to hear what you have been up to. Here's hoping you have a great summer and maybe I will see some of you soon! -Lynn 

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Lynn Alexander said...

How could I forget? Midwest book fair is June 1, and while I cannot attend, I encourage anyone in the area to stop by and check out the goods at our table for Red Fez and Full of Crow. My offerings will include copies of chapbooks from the Full Of Crow Chapbook Series, MUST zine, Blink|Ink issues, and more. See Michele McDannold at Red Fez and The Literary Underground for details.